Welcome To Leftfield


Well it took us a while but we’ve finally done it – got a blog up and everything.

Leftfield is the blog of Scottish Socialist Youth, the youth wing of the Scottish Socialist Party. On this blog we’ll be covering the news other sites and newspapers dont cover, fighting to defend the rights of young people in Scottish society – for young workers rights, decent jobs,  free education,  against hypocritical drug laws and against racism.

We’ll be fighting for a Socialist society in Scotland which empowers young people of all background instead of using them as a scapegoat for establishment parties.

And we will also be taking the piss out a lot of folk along the way, and generally trying to play up to the nightmares Daily Mail members have about young people. And with that I’m off to smoke crack and harbour asylum seeking paedo lesbians and fuck up house prices.

Joining SSY:

SSY is an organisation for socialists under the age 26 in Scotland. We campaign alongside the Scottish Socialist Party for youth rights, workers rights, anti-racism, feminism and socialism.

To join SSY click here.


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